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Is your retirement facing these threats and missing out on opportunities? Retirement is a point in your life that doesn’t allow much, if any room for error, you only get one shot at it. Our sole focus is helping retirees get it right. Our trademarked system is called The Independent Income System.

What is the Independent Income System? It is our investment methodology that we use to help manage your financial future. There are three parts to the Independent Income System- how to manage your money, how to protect your assets, and how to plan your estate.

Our system is innovative because we create a specific purpose for each of your investment accounts. This can help the investor try to avoid risk and capture more opportunities.

Let’s dive a little deeper into how to use our Independent Income System:

Current Income Bucket.

Threat:  Taking withdrawals from your stock market accounts in a down market.

Opportunity:  Investing in record high government i-bonds, leveraging lazy assets, and rotating into higher interest rates.

This bucket can be used for investors who need current income and or will need income over the next five years. Because the markets are less predictable in the short term, this bucket of money usually holds more conservative investments.

This helps avoid the common approach of just owning a bunch of investments and picking at them for retirement income. Many investors and advisors sell off investments a little each month or as needed to cover current income. The problem with this approach is as equity prices decline, more and more shares are sold to meet current needs, which accelerates the decline of the account value and can increase the risk of outliving the income. The Independent Income System helps address this common trap.

Reliable Income and Future Pay Raise Buckets.

Threat:  Not protecting your minimum monthly income needs with protected income.  Drawing Social Security at the wrong time.  Not building in a plan to keep up with inflation.

Opportunity:  Avoiding interest rate risk in bond funds with fixed investments.

Predictable and reliable income is important for peace of mind when it comes to having a comfortable retirement. Trying to make smart and calculated decisions with social security income, pensions, and accounts that provide more predictable income is the primary focus for this bucket of money.

According to the most recent numbers published by the Social Security Administration, nearly 70% of current retirees opt to start social security income before reaching full retirement age. This creates a lifetime income penalty for the family. The Independent Income System helps a family create a written retirement income plan to avoid this common mistake.

Medium- and Long-Term Growth Buckets.

Threat:  Not having circuit breakers on your accounts to try and avoid large market declines.  Having excess buried in fees and expenses.

Opportunities:  Knowing what you own.

Equities can be a great opportunity for growth for investors who have time on their side. If accounts have been created for current income, reliable income, and future pay raises, an investor may have more time on their side when it comes to investing in equities. We use defined investment approaches to pick our equity holdings and can even incorporate our circuit breaker technology for investors looking for an added layer of downside protection.

By using this approach in our Independent Income System, this can help eliminate the lottery of returns for the retiree hoping the stock market keeps going up each year to keep up with withdrawal needs and not having a backup plan if and when the market declines.

Emergency Account Bucket

Threat:  Not having 6 months worth of living expenses set aside for an emergency.  Not protecting your assets from a health care crisis.

Opportunities:  Leveraging your assets to earn higher potential return than traditional fixed accounts.  Getting long-term care protection, without buying traditional long-term care insurance.

Once an investor has an understanding of what each of their accounts or buckets are designed to do, the next question is, what can blow this up? Often, it is an unexcepted and unplanned health care crisis for a retiree. In our Independent Income System, we look for ways to leverage what are often considered “lazy” assets to help put a shield over the investment assets and to protect the income of the surviving spouse in the event of premature death.

How do we protect your assets? With Long-Term Care, do you have a plan in place? If not, the Life Leverage Plan can help put a plan for your loved ones for the future. Part of the estate planning process is to look at how much income the surviving spouse will have if the other spouse passes away. The planning starts by picking the correct pension option and having a plan in place to cover any shortfalls, such as a loss of one of the Social Security Incomes. Then we look at strategies to cover any potential gaps.

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