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From investment planning to retirement income planning, we’re here to help you along your retirement journey. Check out all of the helpful financial services we offer our clients.

What is the Independent Income System?

It is our investment methodology that we use to help manage your financial future. There are three parts to the Independent Income System- how to manage your money, how to protect your assets, and how to plan your estate.

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Investment Management

We make the difficult task of choosing the thousands of products available for your retirement plan easy-to-follow and understand. As your personal CFO, we get to know you on a personal level so together, we can then choose the products and strategies that we think will best fit your retirement needs.

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Risk Management & Asset Protection Strategies

Do you want to protect your life savings from being severely damaged from an unexpected crisis? We help position you to do this through strategies aimed to avoid spending down your assets to pay for long-term health care, and also to help protect your spouse from a loss of income due to an unexpected death.

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Retirement Income Planning

Specializing in the income stage of retirement, we can assist you with distribution and reallocation of your retirement savings in the most tax-efficient manner, and reduce or eliminate unnecessary fees, helping you keep more of your money and plan for income throughout your retirement years.

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Tax Planning Strategies

There are only three ways to invest: taxable, tax-deferred, and tax-free. We help you move more money toward the tax-free category by “de-taxifying” your retirement account money using Roth conversions, etc.

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Estate & Legacy Planning

Control is the keyword when it comes to estate planning. Who do you want to receive your estate after you pass? What do you want each person to receive and when should they receive it? Bottom line: You can control “someday” by planning today.

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Insurance Planning & Medicare

Original Medicare was never meant to cover everything. Without added coverage, you could be left to pay thousands of dollars on your own. Medicare supplements and Medicare Advantage plans can help protect your retirement and your finances from large medical bills. Learn more about America’s Medicare Associates here!

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Who We Serve

General Client Division

This client typically has needs and objectives that include protecting and growing their wealth, managing their tax exposure, insuring potential risks, and creating a legacy for their future.

Private Wealth Division

Our private wealth clients have a net worth of at least $1 million+. Their needs and aims are slightly different from our general clients and may include protecting and growing wealth, complex investment strategies, strategic giving, advanced tax planning, as well as estate planning. For more information about our private wealth division, call us today.

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