Risk Management

There’s no escaping it is there? There’s no escaping the fact that for retirees, taking care of your financial situation can be really difficult and scary.  The government is constantly finding ways to raise taxes on what you get, and reduce what they’re sending you.  Inflation, is back to record highs, and costs go up and up and up. The stock and bond markets can be scary. CDs don’t pay enough interest to take care of our needs.

And if all that wasn’t bad enough, we all face the problem of having a health care crisis or being confined in a nursing home for a period of time, possibly wiping us out financially. With today’s medical technology and the changing feelings we have about health awareness, the average person is going to live to be 78…or even longer. A lot of people are worried, and rightfully so, if they have a health care crisis and/or need a nursing home this will cause another problem:

Could You End Up Outliving Your Money!

Did you know that if you’re confined in a nursing home for any period of time, that you may go through your entire net worth long before you’re out of the nursing home?  At thousands of dollars per month, how much of your financial assets could be eaten up by a health care crisis?     

You may be thinking it isn’t going to happen to you!  According to the people that sit around and crunch numbers all day, a married couple age 65 has a 50% chance of needing some type of long-term medical care during their lifetime.  You are always thinking It’s going to be the other person.  Well, I never want to wish a misfortune on someone else, so what if it isn’t the other person, it’s you?

Have you ever considered purchasing Traditional Long-Term Care Insurance to protect your family from a financial catastrophe, yet felt the cost was too expensive, or if you never used this insurance was it money out the window?  Is there another option to spending thousands of dollars a year on traditional long-term care insurance?  Absolutely,

Introducing Asset Based Long Term Care: 

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Many retirees have protection on their assets – they just don’t have enough or the right protection. Our professional team evaluates all your assets and whether you have enough coverage for the long run. The decision is always yours, but we believe the more information you can get on your potential future, the better!  Let’s chat, 419-842-0550.


Risk Management & Asset Protection in Michigan and Ohio

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