October Effect

If you’ve lived through the Black Monday market crash of 1987, or the Financial Crisis of 2008, you probably still get a little nervous when the month of October rolls... View Article

Hurricane Season – Financial Prep

With the 2021 hurricane season underway and with hurricane Ida slamming Louisiana a few days ago, I wanted to reach out and stress the importance of being financially prepared–especially if... View Article

Make Time To Revisit Your Estate Plans:

Life is full of surprises. When the unexpected happens, you want your loved ones to be prepared. Do your part to make that happen with intentional and thorough estate planning.... View Article

Top 10 Ways To Save money When Times Are Tight From Nolan Baker:

Check your reoccurring auto pay on your bank and credit cards.  You will find old memberships, subscriptions, and forgotten costs that can be eliminated.  Shop insurance rates.  Cutting out 20%... View Article

Chaz Price Family Weekend

This past weekend our family celebrated a major milestone as my son and first-born child graduated from high school.  As I sat in Savage Arena on the campus of the... View Article

Is Social Security Going Broke?

Social Security provides monthly income to 71 million Americans but a poll last November, of people under age 60, found 70% believe the retirement program is going bust.  Working Americans pay 6.2% of... View Article

Know what you own.

Three quick tips for investing success: Investing on the surface seems easy, buy low and sell high.  The problem is emotions get involved.  The huge success in the stock market... View Article

Springing into April

As we enter Spring it is important to reflect upon the first quarter of 2021, which ended on March 31st. The S&P 500 is up a sizable amount for the... View Article

“A Proposal of Pandemic Proportions”

Once a year, I try to take a vacation somewhere warm, in hopes that some sunny beaches, sand in my hair, and the sound crashing waves on the shore will... View Article