Your Business CFO

Your Business CFO

You’ve invested a lot into your business. The finances and wealth built from that business can take another realm of time investment just to coordinate. The good news is we know the effort it takes, and we can help you plan. Check out Your Business CFO Checklist and brochure below!

Additionally, we’ve prepared an exclusive video to help explain how we can help as your business CFO, presented by Chaz Price.

Meet Chaz

  • 17 years of experience
  • University of Toledo — MBA
  • Bowling Green State University — Finance

Growing up in an entrepreneurial family, Chaz appreciates the amount of time, energy, and sacrifice required to run a successful family-owned business. As a result, Chaz has dedicated his practice to helping entrepreneurs and closely-held, family-owned businesses solve a full range of challenges including planning for retirement, selecting employee benefits, reducing employee turnover, protecting assets of the firm, mitigating taxes, valuing the business and preparing an exit strategy. As a personal CFO for business owners, Chaz coordinates with teams of specialized professionals to integrate both personal and business finances into one comprehensive plan.


Establishing an employee retirement plan, as well as other benefits, is a great way for business owners to minimize turnover, as well as attract and retain valuable employees. Due to the scope, time requirements, and complexity of these plans, a personal CFO for your business can help set up, manage, as well as evaluate existing plans to ensure they meet the exact needs of the organization.


With the help of a personal CFO for your business, we can assess risks and evaluate whether specific policies, such as life, disability, key-person, buy-sell, and commercial insurance should be put in place to provide coverage and help mitigate any financial crisis.


Many business owners overpay on taxes by missing out on certain deductions and inefficient management of business and retirement savings. A personal CFO for your business can help explore numerous tax strategies designed to help reduce your tax bill.

To learn more about America’s Retirement Headquarters and for additional resources, visit our YouTube page:

To discuss your financial future and the possible role of investments and insurance in your financial strategy, schedule a meeting with Chaz today!

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